"I couldn't rate Dr Flynn and his team more highly. I went to his clinic first with a bad hip after a friend told me that I really ought to see a chiropract. He told me straight out that he thought I needed a new hip, but helped me to keep going till I had one. My recovery was one of the fastest the hospital had seen - I'm sure in large part because Dr Flynn had kept my muscles working. Three other family members have since gone there, and in each separate case their condition has been eased." - Louise K (Google review)

"Having suffered with my back for several years I was unsure which direction to take. I was advised to see a Chiropractor and that Newcastle was the best. They were spot on and I'm several months into my treatment and always improving." - Danny B (Google review)

"My name is Chris McKenzie, I was referred to Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic following an accident April 2016. The team were and continue too provide a fantastic service! I felt extremely comfortable attending this practice whilst very hopeful of results! Twice a week for 6 weeks my posture had massively improved, Through each session i experienced first hand the success of this treatment. My mobility has increased, I am able to walk for long duration's alas and finally be able to sleep back within my bed rather than laminate flooring in efforts to keep my back straight and less painful.

I had my 12 week review - Using the posture pro analysis system at Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic i can now see before and after images, I met with Rob further and agreed to a further 10 sessions. I recommend this practice to everyone and anyone!! Pop in, Have a chat and see for yourself! Thank you team you have helped me more than words can describe." Chris McK (Google review)

"An excellent professional service in all departments. Nothing is too much trouble for any of the staff and you feel that they listen to your individual problems and try their utmost to rectify them. You certainly feel like an individual and not a number as they are extremely patient and understanding individuals. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic and their additional informative Workshops are a bonus. I have been attending for approx. one month so far and just starting to feel some posture movement improvements which hopefully will help to relieve my longstanding neck/shoulder/arm pain problems." Allison J (Google review)

"After suffering from a bad back, I was prompted to come to this clinic, and I can honestly say, it was the best decision I have made for a long time, superb service." Gillian W, Alsager (Google review)

"Was recommended Dr Finn to treat my back from a colleague. I have been on a journey from chronic back pain to relatively pain free. The treatment plan was explained thoroughly with regular reviews and progress discussion. A professional service with warm and welcoming staff. Would definitely recommend." Kate H (Google review)

"Following months of excruciating pain following a slip disc & sciatic nerve problems, I nervously visited Dr Robert Finn to see if he could help. The treatment & care I have received from Robert & his team over the last 4 years has been amazing. He has given me my mobility back so that I can once again enjoy life! I now visit just once every 6 weeks to keep me in tip top shape.

Robert & his team are all very friendly & I have successfully recommended him to many family & friends over the years.

Don't hesitate-phone for an appointment today." Erica A (Google review)

"After suffering years of lower back pain and sleepless nights I decided to visit Dr Finn and the treatment and advice he's provided has been excellent in making my back almost pain free and allowing me a good nights sleep at last. I started going twice a week and now I go once a month. Not only do you receive excellent treatment and good advice but regular classes which are free of charge on how to look after your back, diet, exercise etc. I've had treatment from other doctors with no success so my only regret is not going to this practice earlier. All staff are very polite and professional and you are always greeted with a smile by the lovely receptionist Maggie. I highly recommend this practice!!" Tracy T (Google review)

"After working at a desk for many years, my back looked like a question mark!! I first went to see Dr Robert Finn on the recommendation of a friend in October last year and there has been a huge improvement in my posture, mobility and general health as a result. The clinic staff are all wonderful, friendly and very accommodating; nothing is too much trouble for them. Dr Finn's Tuesday evening talks are very helpful and informative too. I would certainly recommend the Clinic, particularly if you are unsure where to go for help, as I was." Ann H (Google review)

"An extremely professional service is always provided. All staff are very helpful and attentive and nothing is ever too much trouble. This has proved to be a very positive experience in helping to improve my long standing back problem not only in the short term but also to prevent it from happening again. Thank you." Rachel M (Google review)

"I have been going to Newcastle Chiropractic clinic since January after my back went late December. I was assigned to Dr Robert Finn who assessed and diagnosed my issues.

I then booked in with the advisable treatment. I was having twice a week treatment now reduced to once weekly and it has been the best thing I have done. My back feels the best it has done in years thanks to Dr Finn.

The clinic and all the staff are highly professional and very polite.

I would highly recommend to use this clinic for any chiropractic problems." Joanne D (Google review)

"I have been going for treatment for the past six weeks after suffering from lower back pain and sciatica ! I had x rays and posture analysis to get to the root cause of my problem , having everything explained , helped me to understand my problems and how I could help myself , particularly around my posture which I learned was awful and I have never been told this before . Together with the spinal adjustments I am having and the exercise I feel ten years younger . I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from back pain ." Liz M (Google review)

"Decided after 30 years to seek treatment for my neck. Didn't expect the level of relief Dr Fynn was able to give me. Great result from a very professional, friendly practitioner. The reception staff are also super. You couldn't ask for a better service or more pleasant, helpful people. I have recommended the team to a number of friends." Elaine T (Google review)

"I have been attending Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic for almost 2 years due to constant migraines. Thanks to Dr Finn, this these have now gone and my general health feels much improved. I would highly recommend this practice. Very friendly and helpful staff." Jody R (Google review)

"After many visits to osteopaths and NHS Physiotherapists over the years I'd pretty much resigned myself to living with a bad back and regular headaches when I decided to give Chiropractic a try - all I can say is I wish I'd tried it years ago! The folks at Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic have worked wonders, and I now have much less back trouble and my headaches have gone completely. They're a thoroughly nice bunch of people, very friendly, very professional, and above all - they know what they're doing! Can't recommend them highly enough. Give them a call - you won't regret it. (Oh, and their office in Newcastle is a lovely building too!)" Andy G (Google review)

"After developing lower back pain and not wanting to just be dosed up on painkillers, I visited Dr Finn at Newcastle Chiropractic clinic after numerous recommendations.

With regular treatment and reviews by back is the best it has been and I now only visit once a month for treatment.

Dr Finn and the team are always friendly and professional and I recommend him to anyone with back/posture problems." Amy M (Google review)

"I initially used the clinic as a last resort, for severe lower back pain , eighteen years ago. I started to feel the benefit from the first visit and after a week or so I was pain free.
Over the subsequent years I have had regular top up treatments whenever the pain has resurfaced. I am now sixty five and arthritis is beginning to take its toll and the "Chiro" treatment helps with that.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Finn and and the Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic. The alternative for me would have been to become a painkiller junkie. I still manage a full time job and have not had to have time off sick in seventeen years." Terence M (Google review)

"I can highly recommend Dr Finn and his team. You are always greeted with a friendly welcome from Maggie who amazingly remembers everyone's name and always has a smile. I attended with back pain which I had suffered with since a car cash back in 1992. The work Dr Finn has undertaken has removed the aches and pains. Thank you." Caine B (Google review)

"I am a bloke, and stubborn! I finally gave in to the ever more debilitating pain and dysfunction within my right arm and shoulder and consulted Dr Finn. Being a bloke, and stubborn has left me with a chronic condition which can not be cured - only alleviated. I am now able to move much more freely and am virtually pain free. Great team ably lead by Dr Robert Finn." Luciano S (Google review)

"I began my journey at the clinic in January to rid myself of a sore shoulder, headaches, aching hips and tender feet, this is the best medicine, it doesn't hurt and has changed my life for the better. Dr Finn and his team are lovely and friendly, the Tuesday talks are especially interesting as they give an insight into how your spine and nerves affect your body and what you can do to help your general well being - they're free too!! I may book in for a sports massage soon as I have been encouraged by friends to take part in the JCB mud run this year..... last year I couldn't run a bath!!" Tina S (Google review)

"I've been going to the clinic for a few months now and have always found the staff to be welcoming and professional. The treatment I have received has been excellent. Highly recommended." Melvyn J (Google review)

"I have had weekly headaches nearly all my life, Dr Finn gave me a full assessment and X ray and found two twisted vertebrae. Since the very first treatment the headaches have stopped and my body moves better. The staff are friendly and helpful. Don't suffer try this therapy." Mark B (Google review)

"I have visited this practice for a number of years now and have always found them polite, professional and extremely proficient.

My lower back problem was helped greatly by the team and now I continue to visit every few months, purely as a preventative measure.

I would highly recommend this practice for any chiropractic requirements." Adrian P (Google review)

"Superb service ,thorough professional diagnosis and treatment ,highly recommend" Gary S (Google review)

"My wife has been receiving treatment from Dr. Finn for over twelve months now. Initially, she went to the clinic because of continual back pain and difficulty in walking anything more than short distances. After a few treatments she found her pain had reduced considerably and her general outlook on life had also improved.

From a personal point of view, I have also been receiving regular treatment at the clinic for a number of years due to occasional aggravation of an old sporting injury. I find regular chiropractic adjustments have lead to a reduction in back pain, pins and needles and associated weakness in the lower leg.

We would both have no hesitation in recommending the clinic." John P (Google review)

"I have been driving past the Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic for several years now, and was very aware of the word 'Posture' on the board outside, but did nothing about my own very poor posture and an increasingly weak spine , until early February this year when I made my first appointment. Being a very old and out of date ex Physiotherapist , I went along with an open but rather sceptical mind . Since that first appointment , I have learned so much and been given a great deal of very professional advice and help and , given time , am quite sure I shall feel the benefit in , hopefully , improved posture , less back pain and much improved 'core strength '. Strongly recommend !" Diana S (Google review)

"Friendly and helpful staff, convenient appointment times, professional and thorough diagnostic procedure, informative workshops leading to increased and improved awareness, supporting pamphlets for self-help and the treatment leads to an improvement of symptoms.

The only criticism is that appointments are usually running late but this is always recognised and apologised for." Helen G (Google review)

"Would strongly recommend Newcastle chiropractic. I struggled to walk, stand or even sit. I noticed a change just after a few sessions. Don't hesitate give these a call and get the problem sorted..." Pat D (Google review)

"I would definitely recommend this clinic. The chiropractors are very professional and highly experienced and always make you feel at ease." Liz S (Google review)

"Always excellent treatment, if your concerned about visiting a chiropractor don't be , make an appointment and see Dr Finn, I've visited for a number of years now with lower back problems and received good treatment and advice." Glyn B (Google review)

"I have been using Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years. I personally go every 6 weeks rain or shine and this keeps me in check. I very rarely have any problems with my lower back anymore, by keeping it in check this way, after a lot of years of major problems before, this seems to have done the trick for me. Thanks to Dr Finn" Mark S (Google review)

"Before I started going to Dr Finn I had considerable difficulty walking due to lower back and hip pain and often had to walk with the aid of a walking stick. I now visit once a month and no longer use a stick and have very little pain and enjoy walking again." Sue W (Google review)

"Dr. Finn and his team are excellent, polite and most helpful. I would highly recommend a visit." Diane H (Google review)

"I would highly recommend to use this clinic for any chiropractic problems. Everyone is very friendly and helpful." Janet W (Google review)

"I have been attending Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic, for a few years now, after a time of going twice a week I am now only going once a month. At one time I had a lot of pain and flexibility problems that Doc Rob keeps under control. A misaligned spine can cause all kinds of health problems. I would recommend Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic to anyone and every one." David G (Google review)

"My husband has being visiting the practice for some time now and has always found Dr Finn and his team very professional and polite in their jobs , He would highly recommend you go for a visit if you require any sort of chiropractic problems , he says he's never looked back wished he had gone much earlier than what he did as he suffered a lot of pain before and is now pain free thanks to Dr Finn ." Tracey M (Google review)

"Excellent treatment which has made a real difference and lovely staff who are always welcoming and professional." Sandra E (Google review)

David Hemingway

Had a great consultation followed by my first hr session. Very positive, friendly and informative. Hope to carry on
David Hemingway


I don’t know what I’d do without my monthly appointment. My movement vastly improved and there has been a reduction in persistent when I discovered this clinic.

Greg Methven

After being diagnosed with BPPV Vertigo I was really suffering and after not really making any progress with the Betahistine prescribed by the Doctor at the Royal Stoke I decided to see Dr Finn, who has previously resolved other muscular and skeletal injuries for myself and my family. With BPPV Vertigo being an issue with the inner ear I wasn’t sure if this was something he could resolve promptly ? The clinic fitted me in really quickly and after just two short visits my BPPV was fully resolved. After spending so much time on 111 and at the hospital I was relieved at how swiftly and efficiently Dr Finn resolved my BPPV, which was really bad. I can fully recommend this clinic for this and other treatments in a professional and effective manner. 10/10
Greg Methven

Stephen Banks

First class service from Rob and team
Stephen Banks

Richard Moth

My wife was suddenly in real pain around her hip area and upon making a phone call to Newcastle Chiropractic was given an immediate appointment. With a total of no more than 20 minutes she was feeling a lot less pain and doing gentle walking as recommended by Rob. She’s very grateful with a lot less pain and feeling mobile again.
Richard Moth

John Nyansera

The staff members handle their clients professionally.
John Nyansera

Linda Machin

I first started seeing Rob in 1998 when he took over from Jane Hvas at the Brampton Clinic. I have now been a patient of Robs for 25 years. I don't know what I would have done without the treatment and support I have re eived from him. He's simply the best.
Linda Machin

Francesco Alfano

Dott. Burcu Cetinkaya is the best chiropractor I've ever been treated by, and I've had many. Since the first visit at the clinic I've been examinated and listened very carefully about my problems and I've been given a personalised plan of treatment and exercises straight away. I've been checked vertebra by vertebra and rettified my posture, basically if there is a problem she will find out and I've never been so happy with my back, my problems they're gone and my posture is the best ever. I can't thank dott. Burcu enough even if an emergency occurred she has been always available and makes me feel safe.
Not the last the ladies on reception are the kindest ever. The clinic service is a 5 star ???? all round. Thank you ???? ???? ????????
Francesco Alfano

Paul Proffitt

Should have come to Newcastle chiropractic a year ago save wasting a year trying get sorted with the NHS, Came to Newcastle Chiropractic and was met by friendly staff and Dr Burcu who couldn’t help enough, don’t know where I would have been with out the help I have received from Dr Burcu.
Excellent practice 11/10 all day.
Paul Proffitt