Can A Standing Desk Really Help Your Posture? Our Stoke Chiropractor Explains …

Can A Standing Desk Really Help Your Posture? Our Stoke Chiropractor Explains …

Many of the patients visiting our Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent Chiropractic Clinics have occupations that force them to remain seated for many hours each day. These patients are often concerned about the impact that extended sitting may have on their posture and general health. It is true that prolonged sitting is associated […]

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8 Best Ways To Stay Active During The Work Day

As the owner of a chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme, I see and treat many patients a week.  Many of these patients are experiencing back pain and poor posture caused by spending too much time sitting down. When I explain that the health issues they are experiencing are exacerbated by […]

It’s Time To Get On Your Feet

It’s time to get ‘On Your Feet Britain‘ again on 27th April when Get Britain Standing in association and Active Working launch their annual day to promote sitting less and moving more during the working day. As chiropractors in our busy clinic in Newcastle Under Lyme we see first hand the impact that sedentary lifestyles […]

Mums Take Care of Your Backs

It’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday and we wish all you mums a happy and healthy day. Mums often underestimate just how much pressure they put their backs under on a daily basis. Our Newcastle under Lyme chiropractor offers this general posture advice to all mums to help them keep their backs safe. Improving your […]