The brain-based approach to treating all types of neurological conditions

Functional Neurology is a service we offer to help patients achieve brain recovery and success in all aspects of life.

Using a variety of treatments, we customise each plan to fit the individual needs of our patients. Our goal is to get you results so you feel better and get back to doing the things you love again.

Why we are passionate about brain-based rehabilitation

Your brain is so powerful.

It is made up of a network of neurons, millions of cells all keeping your body alive and functioning.

Neurons form circuits by connecting to one another. Two neurons and an immune or cell make up each connection. When these circuits are damaged or the immune cell is harmed, problems occur in your body.

When a circuit is damaged, your brain will attempt to correct the course on its own, attempting to compensate for the damage with other connections.

These connections aren't always ideal.

Because Of This, Your Brain Starts To Compensate

Our brain uses our senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, and gravity to learn where we are and how we're doing.

Your brain will compensate with new connections that may have errors if the systems that sense ourselves and our environment aren't accurate.

As a result of your brain's best guess for the correct connections, you may experience symptoms as a side effect. Those changes in neuroplasticity must be guided when recovering from a brain injury.

How Neurorehab Gets You Feeling Like Yourself Again

These are some of the many benefits:


Find Out What's Wrong

We'll get to the root of the symptom, the dysfunction areas of your brain.

Retrain Your Brain

The right program teaches your brain to react as it should, not as it is compensating.

Develop And Strengthen Neuro Pathways

Strengthen the new habits to promote endurance and perseverance.

What You Need To Know About How Neurology Works

The study of the nervous system and all of the systems that interact with it is known as neurology.

Neurology offers a new way of looking at why our bodies become symptomatic.

While a traditional evaluation might view your body as either working or not, we believe it's important to look at how well you are utilising the brain and its various circuits. This way of thinking makes our approach more holistic because instead of just focusing on what doesn't seem right with an individual (i e., their symptoms), doctors can identify where there may be issues before diagnosing any illnesses or disease.

We'll use brain-based exercises to integrate sensory information and rehabilitate those areas once we've identified the brain structures and circuits that need help.

Visual, vestibular, balance, cognitive, and physical exercises all look the same, but they're all designed to activate, train, or fine-tune specific areas of your brain.

You'll Appreciate The Evidence-Based Treatment And Love The Results

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David Hemingway

Had a great consultation followed by my first hr session. Very positive, friendly and informative. Hope to carry on
David Hemingway


I don’t know what I’d do without my monthly appointment. My movement vastly improved and there has been a reduction in persistent when I discovered this clinic.

Greg Methven

After being diagnosed with BPPV Vertigo I was really suffering and after not really making any progress with the Betahistine prescribed by the Doctor at the Royal Stoke I decided to see Dr Finn, who has previously resolved other muscular and skeletal injuries for myself and my family. With BPPV Vertigo being an issue with the inner ear I wasn’t sure if this was something he could resolve promptly ? The clinic fitted me in really quickly and after just two short visits my BPPV was fully resolved. After spending so much time on 111 and at the hospital I was relieved at how swiftly and efficiently Dr Finn resolved my BPPV, which was really bad. I can fully recommend this clinic for this and other treatments in a professional and effective manner. 10/10
Greg Methven

Stephen Banks

First class service from Rob and team
Stephen Banks

Richard Moth

My wife was suddenly in real pain around her hip area and upon making a phone call to Newcastle Chiropractic was given an immediate appointment. With a total of no more than 20 minutes she was feeling a lot less pain and doing gentle walking as recommended by Rob. She’s very grateful with a lot less pain and feeling mobile again.
Richard Moth

John Nyansera

The staff members handle their clients professionally.
John Nyansera

Linda Machin

I first started seeing Rob in 1998 when he took over from Jane Hvas at the Brampton Clinic. I have now been a patient of Robs for 25 years. I don't know what I would have done without the treatment and support I have re eived from him. He's simply the best.
Linda Machin

Francesco Alfano

Dott. Burcu Cetinkaya is the best chiropractor I've ever been treated by, and I've had many. Since the first visit at the clinic I've been examinated and listened very carefully about my problems and I've been given a personalised plan of treatment and exercises straight away. I've been checked vertebra by vertebra and rettified my posture, basically if there is a problem she will find out and I've never been so happy with my back, my problems they're gone and my posture is the best ever. I can't thank dott. Burcu enough even if an emergency occurred she has been always available and makes me feel safe.
Not the last the ladies on reception are the kindest ever. The clinic service is a 5 star ???? all round. Thank you ???? ???? ????????
Francesco Alfano

Paul Proffitt

Should have come to Newcastle chiropractic a year ago save wasting a year trying get sorted with the NHS, Came to Newcastle Chiropractic and was met by friendly staff and Dr Burcu who couldn’t help enough, don’t know where I would have been with out the help I have received from Dr Burcu.
Excellent practice 11/10 all day.
Paul Proffitt