Chiropractors typically have 5 years of University level training and are highly experienced as they have given thousands of adjustments thus making chiropractic care very safe. In fact, Chiropractic is the largest drug free healing profession in the world and the third largest primary health care profession after medicine and dentistry.

There are now tens of thousands of registered chiropractors in the world.

Chiropractic is safer than many of the everyday things that we take for granted. Most chiropractic adjustments feel good! Sometimes, due to the severity of a patient’s case, their symptoms may mask this feeling of wellbeing.

The first time a patient has an adjustment it may sound loud. This is because as the Chiropractor adjusts the patients neck, the sound is a lot louder for the patient on the inside compared to what anyone else hears on the outside. This audible popping sound indicates that pressure has been taken off the spine. This is perfectly normal.

Each adjustment itself is tailored for the individual as Doctors of Chiropractic can adjust anyone from newborns to the elderly.

This is a very individual answer and depends on different factors including:-

  1. how long you have had the problem;
  2. how bad it is;
  3. how much damage has occurred;
  4. how quickly you personally heal and whether you attend all your appointments; and
  5. your lifestyle and nutritional habits.

Read more about about the different stages of care and how long each stage usually takes here: Stages of Chiropractic Care

When we look at cost I have to mention 2 aspects. Firstly what it will cost you to receive Chiropractic care and then what it will cost you not to receive the care.

To receive care in our clinic we have designed the fees to allow you and your family to receive the highest quality care at an affordable fee. The longer you receive care the less stress and tension is in your body, the greater the benefits. Our fees reflect this.

You can pay each time you come or you can buy a block of care. Quite simply the more you buy the more you save. If there is a second family member who lives at home with you, they are only charged the concession fees. Please see more on: Our Fees

All the evidence tells us that uncorrected Spinal problems get worse the longer they are left. Nobody likes to have an unexpected bill, even when it occurs as a result of an accident. To leave a problem or to simply only get some short term relief will eventually cost more, both in pain and suffering, as well as money. Why wait?

The price of the adjustment is known, but the value is priceless.

You do not need a referral from your GP because chiropractors are primary health care providers but we do have patients at our clinic who have been referred by their GP’s.
Most likely because we are registered with most major insurance companies. However, if we are not familiar with your particular insurance company, then we will ensure that we introduce ourselves to them to make your visits as smooth as possible.

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