Top Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

For some people, Christmas means stress, stress and … you guessed it, more stress! From gift wrapping to decorating to cooking, the festive season can take its toll on your health! But you can have your most relaxed Christmas ever with these simple tips from our Newcastle under Lyme chiropractor:

1: Keep it simple

Who are you in competition with? Yourself? Your neighbours? The mums at the school gate? Christmas isn’t a showcase and there is no need to go bigger and better than everyone around you. Do the necessary; don’t try to be a hero.

2: Ask for help

Christmas is a time for helping others, so make sure you have people around to help you! If you’re inviting people for lunch, suggest that they each bring something to contribute to the meal. If you have a partner, share the Christmas shopping duties with them. If you have friends close by, organise a gift wrapping party.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a lending hand – people like to help, especially at this time of year.

3: Mix it up

Let’s be honest, there comes a time when you just have to let go of those Christmas traditions! If you find yourself dragging your partner to The Nutcracker for the 15th year in the row, or your kids are whining at the thought of yet another Christmas Carol concert, do something else!  Christmas is a time to enjoy, not  just to stick by the “rules”!

Here’s to your most stress-free Christmas ever!

Avoid Back Pain Wrapping Presents

The gift wrapping season is upon us and while most of us think of it as just a pesky chore, you could be putting yourself at serious risk of back and neck pain if you overdo it with the wrapping this year. Our Newcastle chiropractor has a few things for you to keep in mind to make sure the presents still get wrapped in time while minimising your risk of back, neck or shoulder pain.

First of all, make sure you are prepared! Gather all your presents, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape and scissors so you aren’t running around looking for materials. Then, find a suitable place to wrap, such as at a table that comes to your waist level to ensure you don’t have to bend over a lot.  While wrapping ensure your wrists are straight and that your elbows are close to your body to eliminate the need to reach. Your neck should also be straight, so that you are not leaning over. And of course, if you have a lot of gifts to wrap, take regular breaks, get up and walk around.

Nothing is worth the risk of back pain, especially at Christmas time.

Don’t Hurt Your Back Cooking This Christmas

back care advice from our newcastle under lyme chiropractorChristmas: it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one of the busiest. For many of us, much of the festive period is spent standing in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove. And of course, time in the kitchen means time on your feet, and that can lead to neck or back pain.

So with just a few weeks left before the Christmas cooking marathons begin, we thought it was best to share some spine-friendly tips that you can use in the kitchen:

Get your moves right

The way you move in the kitchen may not be something you particularly think about, but it should be! According to our Newcastle chiropractor, proper bending, lifting and reaching techniques are essential while cooking.  To begin with, make sure you keep your go-to ingredients on a lower shelf to avoid straining your neck from reaching too high. Whether you’re lifting a 20-pound turkey out of the oven or popping in a tray of roast potatoes, make sure you lift or bend with your legs instead of your back as this will to reduce the risk of injury.

Keep a level head

Heard of “dish neck”? Ok, so it may not be such a well known term as text neck, but it comes with the same risks of back pain. Remember that the average person’s head weighs 10 to 12 pounds in a neutral position. Leaning your head forward just 15 degrees can equate to your neck supporting 27 pounds! That’s a lot of extra weight to carry! Try to keep your neck as straight as possible when doing the dishes to avoid any unnecessary pain.

Share the foodie fun

Putting together the perfect Christmas meal isn’t an easy goal to reach on your own.  Recruiting a few helping hands means sharing some of the work while making it fun for everyone. Not only will this relieve stress on your neck and back, but enjoying the social aspect of cooking can release endorphins that help reduce muscle tension.

Being the Christmas chef should be fun, and with these top tips, neck or back pain while cooking shouldn’t be on your festive menu this year!