Our Stoke Chiro Outlines 5 Incredible Benefits Of Chiropractic For Sportspeople

sports injury treatment with our stoke chiroA significant proportion of the clients visiting our Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic or City Chiropractic Clinic do so because they have sustained a sporting injury. Our Stoke chiro will firstly assess their injury, then perform the necessary joint adjustments and soft tissue treatments to help their body heal more efficiently. These treatments also help to reduce their pain levels during the recovery period.

Many of the sportspeople visiting our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent are surprised to discover that our chiropractic treatments lead to better performance on the sporting field once they recover. That’s because regular chiropractic care can change your physiology in a way that improves performance. In this post, we’ll share some more incredible benefits of chiropractic care for sportspeople.

Are you interested in improving your sporting performance? Book a visit with our Stoke Chiro at  Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic by calling 01782 711 191 or booking online on our website here. You can also read on to discover the incredible benefits of chiropractic for sportspeople.


#1 – Stronger Performance

The most exciting benefit of chiropractic care for sportspeople is obviously better performance. The main reason for this occurring is that chiropractic treatments are effective at improving the motion of the spine. This can lead to better nervous system function and better “sensorimotor integration”. Sensorimotor integration being the relationship between the sensory system (nerves) and the motor system (muscles).

Improved sensorimotor integration means the central nervous system can more easily control task-specific motor output. In other words, your brain can control your body more efficiently. This can lead to better hand-eye coordination, more strength, and more fluid movement.

Another performance boost occurs because of the effect that chiropractic treatments have on the joints. When you visit our Stoke chiropractor, they will assess the performance of your joints and determine if any are poorly aligned. Once adjustments have been performed, your musculoskeletal system will be functioning far more efficiently, with greater flexibility and power. This delivers an incredible performance boost.


#2 – Pain Reduction

Pain is the most common reason why people visit our Stoke chiro. Fortunately, chiropractic care has proven to be effective at relieving pain. A chiropractor will perform a combination of joint adjustments and soft tissue therapy to alleviate your pain quickly and help you get back on the sporting field sooner than expected.


#3 – Less Risk Of Injury

All forms of exercise will place additional strain on your body, with the muscle, joints, tendons, and ligaments being the most affected. Seeing our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent will help you prevent this additional strain from becoming an injury.

A chiropractor will:

  • Ensure your joints are correctly aligned, which reduces the risk of acute and repetitive strain injuries
  • Provide soft tissue therapy to help you deal with muscle, tendon and ligament
  • Offer advice on dealing with recurring injuries


#4 – Chiropractic Care is Completely Drug-free

If you visit a doctor for sports injury treatment, they are very likely to use pharmaceuticals as a part of their treatment approach. This is different to a chiropractor, who will treat your condition without the use of drugs. This can help you avoid potentially addictive pain killers and drugs with serious side effects.


#5 – Chiropractic Care Makes Recovery Faster

Sportspeople who visit our Newcastle or Stoke chiropractic clinics are often amazed by how quickly they recover from their injuries after receiving chiropractic care. That’s because a chiropractor can address any misalignments of the musculoskeletal system which are impeding the healing process. They can also help you reduce inflammation and provide rehabilitative treatments to further speed up the healing process.


If you are suffering a sports injury or are in pain for some other reason our Stoke Chiro is here to help you. Why not book a visit at our Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic by calling 01782 711 191 or booking online on our website here.