Easy Ways to Avoid Muscle Strain

Muscle strain can be excruciating. If you’ve ever experienced muscle strain, you’ll know just how excruciating it can be and that it’s something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

So why does muscle strain occur?

According to our Newcastle under Lyme chiropractor, muscle strain usually comes on when muscles are overstretched beyond their normal capabilities. When this happens, the muscle fibre pulls apart from tendons and ligaments. Ouch!

Although anyone can experience a muscle strain, they are more likely to occur in muscles that are weak and inflexible, so keeping in good physical shape is really important!

The areas like lower back, groin and hamstring are the most vulnerable to injury and muscle strain. So the next time you go to do anything strenuous, prepare your body first! Warming up and stretching before you start any kind of exercise can significantly reduce the risk of pulling a muscle.