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Not all exercises will be suitable for everyone. Please ask us for advice if you have any doubts.

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Rehab & Posture Exercises

Posture exercises are only given to our chiropractic patients because you have had a thorough examination and we believe that these exercises are appropriate for you as part of your back treatment.

Please ensure that you do them according to the guidelines and if you have any problems then please let your chiropractor know when you come for your next chiropractic appointment.

View the Posture PDF here (password protected)

Rehabilitation Exercises 

Corrective exercises are essential in the treatment of long term or recurrent problems. A great deal of research into exercise and spinal disorders has taken place in recent years. The appropriate exercise is dependent on exactly what back problem has been diagnosed. For example an exercise that is beneficial for disc injuries may be harmful in facet injuries. These exercises are not designed to be an alternative to consulting your chiropractor but to compliment your chiropractic treatment.

We cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects from doing home exercises unless you have been directed to do them by your chiropractor. For more details contact Dr Robert Finn by phone or use the contact form.

We advise a variety of posture exercises and they are available to download below;

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