From school ride to school stride

It’s Walk to School Week (May 21 -25). Every May, Living Streets, organises a fun themed challenge to encourage children and their families to walk to school and start to experience it’s many benefits. Last year 400,000 children and their families participated in the challenge.

As chiropractors at a busy family chiropractic clinic in Newcastle under Lyme we congratulate you if you are participating in this years challenge. If your not then it’s never too late to go from school ride to school stride.

Why not create your own mini challenge and leave the car at home and walk to school for 5 days? If you have a long school run then leave your car 10 minutes away for the school gates and walk the rest of the way?

As chiropractors we are concerned with the increasing numbers of children and young people who are suffering back pain. Taking regular exercise is so important for the health of children’s spines so incorporating a simple form of exercise such as walking into their daily routines is important.

What better way to do this than walking to school.