Driving Home For Christmas?

It won’t be long now until we hear that great Christmas classic from Chris Rea on our radios – ‘Driving Home For Christmas’. As so many people take to the roads over the Christmas period, travelling to see family and friends, our chiropractors at Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic thought it was a good time to remind people that driving can put a strain on your back.

If you don’t want to end up with a back ache this Christmas then here are our chiropractors top tips for setting yourself up for back pain free driving.  There are four key positions to adjust to ensure you maintain a good posture and keep your back safe:

  • Seat – adjust the back of the seat to tilt slightly backwards so that feel comfortable in a seated position.
  • Steering wheel – adjust the steering wheel so that your hands should rest on it with a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Mirrors – adjust these to ensure you have visibility around the car while needing to make only the minimal of head movements.
  • Seat belt – your seat belt should rest across the top of your shoulder and should not rub against your neck or fall off your shoulder.

You can also watch a video that steps you through setting up your driving position and other useful advice on the Pain Prevention page on our website.

If you are suffering back pain or discomfort then why not get it checked and helped before Christmas. Our team of chiropractors at Newcastle Chiropractic Clinic are here to help you. Call us on 01782 711 191 to book an appointment.